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[DAY-3] 오픽(OPIC) 주제별 영어 표현 및 스크립트 - 재활용, 커피숍, MP3, 친척집 봐주기(RP)

by 책린이 이과장!! 2022. 4. 18.

주제 : 재활용


gather things separately = separate recyclables = recyclable waste
mandatory / essential / vital



질문 : 우리나라 재활용 현황

how recycling is practiced in your country / what do ppl specially do to recycle

Korea is a good example for recycling
recycling is very well-practiced in companies and at home
it feels like a hassle
participate in / It's mandatory / essential to protect the environment pollution
has become one of the daily routines in our lives



질문 : 본인의 재활용 방법

how you personally recycle / where do you take out the recycling to? / ~~ in your daily life

Recycling day / take out / throw away
I personally recycle in some(many) ways
help to protect nature and environment
depending on material / take them out
designated area for the recycling / we have a certain day I mean on Friday to throw them away


환경과 자연을 보호하기 위해 중요하다고 생각해
그래서 난 항상 재활용 잘 하려고 노력해
소재에 따라서 재활용 캔에 분류해서 모아
그리고 버리기 전에 병이나 캔은 씻어 드물게 안에 잔여물들이 있거든
우리 아파트에는 전용 장소와 지정된 날짜가 있어, 그건 토요일인데,
그래서 난 매주 토욜이면 재활용 애들을 갖다 지정된 곳에 갖다버려



질문 : 재활용 관련 경험

memorable or unexpected incident regarding recycling / how did you deal with the situation?

was going to carry recyclables out to the designated area for recycling
was collecting used and scrap paper
cut my finger by mistake
had to clean the cut and put a band aid on it.
since that incident



질문 : 재활용 과거/현재 비교

how is recycling you practiced when you were young different from whay you do today?

did not think that ~ it's mandatory
that means they didn't even know how important recycling is
no recycling policy or regulation
threw everything away in trash cans
these days, things are totally different
realize that~
Korean government established a strict law for recycling
recycling has become one of the daily routines in our lives



질문 : 최근에 본 재활용 뉴스

something that you heard or read about recycling in the news recently /

According to the article I read, the world suffers from household waste problems!!
due to the Covid19, the online shopping has been on the rise
more and more people take out / order in from restaurants
disposable plastic containers increase
announced a range of measures to reduce plastic waste and boosting the recycling rate
The measures include cutting down on single-use packaging to protect ~



질문 : 해외에서 누군가 이사왔는데 재활용 설명해줘야함 (abroad) - RP

person living next door
People upset/ recycling properly
next to dumster for regular garbage



질문 : 지난밤 파티를 즐기고 쓰레기 똑바로 안버려서 내가 쓰레기가 된 상황 - RP

So sorry for this inconvenience
understand that people are upset
host large parties at my place from time to time
When I do that there are so many leftover the next day
this is causing some inconveniences to the residents
some suggestions
take out the garbage at night?
should I take them out separately?
reduce the amount of garbage
fine with whatever you decide



주제 : 커피숍



자주 가는 커피숍

You indicated that you go to cafes ro coffee shops / looks like / what is special about that place?

There are so many coffee shops on busy streets with a lot of foot traffic
They are around offices, universities and subway stations
I like to go to a small local coffee place near my house
Some peope have coffe on th spot, while others get coffee to go.
prices are cheaper
local - unique
I want to add that the staff is very attentive and friendly



커피숍에서 주로 하는 일

What do you normally do whe nyou go~ / meetings or gathering? / what you like to do

enjoy coffee or tea
I sometimes get coffee to go and normally drink it on the spot
I grab a bite when I'm hungry
good way(easy) to bond with people around me
some places are open 24/7
free-wi fi / kill some time
I wait at coffee shops when I have to wait for someone



커피숍 과거 현재 비교

How have coffee shops changed over the years? / how were they in the past? and now?

(과거)one of our hangouts
(현재)most coffee shops are major chains such as Starbucks
on busy streets with a lot of foot traffic
all over the places / quite big in size
frequently go to a Starbucks chain / regular there / I like the drinks and the mood there
I can get points and discounts on my membership card
provide high speed wifi service for free



커피숍에 잊지 못할 경험

memorable incident that happened at a coffee shop / What happend? / Who was involved? / in detail~

when I bumped into a friend at ~
I was chatting with one of colleagues during my lunch hour
someone called my name
I looked back and saw my friend back from school
She had changed so much so I didn't recognize her at first
And we hadn't seen each other for a long time
I asked her how she was doing
exchanged phone numbers and promised to meet again later on
we met up for dinner and we did a lot of catching up



우리나라 커피숍이 관심을 끄는 이유 - 편리한 위치/친절한 직원/고품질 서비스/따뜻하고 편안한 분위기/맛있는 커피
I mean they are conveniently located around offices, universities, subway stations etc



주제 : MP3


질문 : 친구가 구매한 MP3 문의 - RP

calling to ask some questions for you about your mp3
I am thinking of buying a new one.
newly released?
looking for something with large storage to download lots of songs
how much storage does it have?
how much did you pay for it? / I wonder if it was ~ / get a deal with reasonable price



질문 : 빌려온 기계 고장 설명+대안 - RP

Really sorry / How can I say..
dropped it in water / not working poperly
completely out of order / feel terrible about what happened
latest model or I can pay you money instead
really sorry again

I got a new one -> There was no choice but to get a new one





질문 : 친척집 봐주기

watching your house
May I something for you?
I'd like to know what to do for recycling
Is there any designated area
I wonder if there is certain day for recycling?
What are the things I should recycle?
Are there any important things I have to keep in mind?



질문 : 열쇠가 없어서 집에 들어가지 못하고 있는 상황

just arrived at your home
I can not get in
I couldn't find the key
Can you tell me where the key is exactly?
I wonder if you have a spare key somewhere?
Did you put another key to your neighbor?
If not, do you have a door that is not locked?
there is nothing I can do right now

So pls call me back ASAP. then I can get in your home




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