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[DAY-2] 오픽(OPIC) 주제별 영어 표현 및 스크립트 - 집, 가구, 가전

by 책린이 이과장!! 2022. 4. 16.

주제 : 집



질문 : 본인 집 묘사 (거실-주방-제일 좋아하는 안방)

Where you live / Describe~ / look like / How many rooms / favorite room


have lived in 3-bedroom apartment
There are the L/K/B/B
sofas and a couch
You can see a fridge/a microwave/a stove

would have to be (안방)

my best place to get some rest

really like / comfi and cozy
do almost every thing
relax / recharge my battery / get rid of my stress



질문 : 집 문제 발생 시 부모와 나 해결방식 차이

deal with problems / differences between how you and your parents solve problems


My parents and I are quite similar when ~
small - just simply handle it ourselves
lights go out / replace the old with new ones

out of order

On the other hand
need help for bigger problem such as troubles with home appliances
when things break down
I paid ~ / after getting it fixed



질문 : 집 과거 현재 비교(내 경험)

apartment you lived in when you were a child / different from the one you live in now / the differences and the similarities


과거)remember living in a 2 story house
playground right in front of / used to play all the time / enjoyed hide and seek
spent most of my childhood
just talking about it makes me feel warmth
현재)but now / high rise / small park nearby where
people can get some exercise / fresh air
various types of stores and facilities are within walking distance from my house
all about the differences of my house between past and now



질문 : 집 과거 현재 비교(14번 문제 - 일반)

changed over the years / different from the past


homes have chaned a lot over and over again
have become much taller / not that tall
newly built / have more than 20 floors
they are equipped with high speed elevators and underground parking space
convenient to live in
apartments look modern / well designed and even eco friendly



질문 : 주택시장 문제(15번 문제)


몇 가지 문제들이 있다 / personally this it's quite

rents have risen a lot
concentrate in
may have trouble finding a place
get a loan from banks / move out to / cheaper houses
government makes efforts to stabilize
develop / supply new residential cities around metropolitan area
housing policies were not that effective / sales prices are already too high
it didn't work well
one of the biggest problem / crazy price



질문 : 집에서 하는 일과 (데일리 루틴)

Tell me about the things that you do at home / daily routines / activity / give me all the detail


keep my house clean and well-organized
as often as I can
open all the windows to refresh the air
vacuum the floors
do the dishes right after every meals
on the most weekend / do the laundry / separate whites and colores / throw them in washer
normal gabage and food waste separately
gather recyclables in the recycling basket / take them out on my way out
daily routines



질문 : 집에 준 변화

you made, make / change


remember renovating / looked too old / atmosphere truly dark and gloomy
I decided that I redid the ~
I called professional person for interior to redid it / did good job
after they did that ~ looked brand new
happy with new look / worth the money I spent



질문 : 집에서 생겼던 문제들

always problems which happe in any home / Things break, projects do not go as planned ~


1)water leaked from the A.C at my house
waster all over the floor
wipe off the water from / was trying to ~ / couldn't
ended up calling a person to fix the problem
middle of hot summer / weather was so hot / so unforgettable


2)One day, entrance door didn't work well when I was about to go out to meet ~
replaced the batteries for the electric door lock



질문 : 집에서 생겼던 문제 자세히(설거지 중에 컵 깨짐)

Problems you have experienced / What were those problems? / How did / in detail ~

remember the time when I broke a cup while doing the dishes
I dropped a cup by mistak as I lost my grip. I don't know why
fell on the floor/ the cup was broken in so many pieces
cut my finger/ a small and tiny piece of glass got stuck into my finger
had to pull out / bleeding / sore / cleaned the cut / put a band aid on it


주제 : 가구 & 가전



가구 (현재 집에 있는)

What kind of furniture do you have ~/ type of ~ / What is your favorite ~ / Why ~?

I have / I can see / are in my bed room
Among them / favorite would have to be my bed / I can wind down and relax on it
really cozy and comfy mattress
reboot my stress level back to zero / get rid of my stress from work
can get a quality sleep almost every day
on weekends I sometimes take a nap
whenever I lie down, I always ended up falling a sleep
Can you imagine how comfotable my bed is~



질문 : 가구 (과거/현재 비교 - 사이즈/컬러)

Tell me about the furniture you had when you were young /  different from ~ today? / specific examples ~

The furniture I used to use when I was a kid was a lot smaller than the furniture I use now
remember using a small desk and a chaire
bed for kids / a queen-sized bed for adults
brighter /the ones I use now are dark bown



질문 : 가구에 생겼던 문제와 해결방법 (버리거나 새로 사거나)

Problems / Things might break, the fabric mtight get stained or ripped / How you fixed ~

Remember moving to my apartment several years ago
I called up moving company guys at that time
movers did all the packing and unpacking for me / did good job
I found out that one of the dressers got damagedone of the handles broke off
scrathes on the side
complain / dresser was in great condition before I moved
got reward for damage later on



질문 : 새로운 가전제품 및 전자제품이 가사노동에 가져온 변화(14번 문제)

home appliances or electronic devices / how have they changed household responsibilities ~

have developed over and over
have made our lives easier than in the past
fridge - keeps food coId and prevents it from going bad
microwave - heat some foods up very easily and fast with it
takes much less effort and time



질문 : 특정한 가전제품을 선택

specific modern appliance or device ~ / useful or convenient at home

one of the most useful
had to sweep / it took some time and efforts
by doing so, backache
easy to clean up my room as well
wire less / convenient / dont' have to plug them in / get tangled up
even better, robotic vacuum cleaners
they even come back to the charger by themselves



질문 : 가구 구입을 위한 현장 문의 - RP


looking for / thinking of ~
As for that, / What kinds of
Do you have them in brown?
budget is limited / how much they are
I wonder if you have any promotions going on currently
website I can see by any chance



질문 : 도착한 가구에서 문제 발견/설명/대안 - RP

I'm a customer who bought ~ at your store
has just arrived /


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